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Just Thinking About It Does Not Make It Happen

I am a Thinker rather than a Doer. I realize how much I think about all the things I want to do, to accomplish.  I carefully execute them in my mind, watching myself go through the actions.  How I will … Continue reading

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My Stuff

My workload has been light these days and I have a little time to work on the house.   But I haven’t.  The problem is when you get to this level of stuff surrounding you it is so incredibly overwhelming trying … Continue reading

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Back To The Grind

This past week we spent out of town visiting my son in college.  We stayed in a small beachy resort and had a wonderfully relaxing time.   With TVs and cable in every room (and no cable and only one TV … Continue reading

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Some Victories Along The Way

Some Positives Just so it doesn’t seem like my life is all doom and gloom I want to post a few accomplishments over the last few years.  They are not end-alls but merely pit stops (some in which I have … Continue reading

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If At First You Don’t Succeed

Nothing.  A bunch of nothing.  That is what I accomplish.   I have all of these grand ideas running around my head.  Years and years I have made lists and lists and I am always in the same place.  Treading water.  … Continue reading

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How Did I Get Into This Mess!

Clutter.  Chaos.  That sums it all up for me for the moment.  I have reached my lowest point (I hope), the bottom of the heap so to speak.  Everywhere I turn it is messy, broken, dirty, in in disarray….once I … Continue reading

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Day One…Motivation is High!

Yesterday I sat far too long at the computer and my behind was sore! Today I was determined to cut loose the computer…my best friend and best time sucker…and actually work in the house. Truly I was dreading the decluttering. … Continue reading

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