Back To The Grind

This past week we spent out of town visiting my son in college.  We stayed in a small beachy resort and had a wonderfully relaxing time.   With TVs and cable in every room (and no cable and only one TV at) home I thought I was going to battle the kids over the idiot box.  But I was happily surprised that I was able to keep us all busy enough that we only turned on one TV, one night, for less than one hour…the night before we were leaving….and it was me who turned it on!!!

The rest of time was spent playing pool (we had a pool table in the family room), doing jigsaw puzzles, playing board games, biking, walking, reading, and (UGH) doing homework for the kids and, for me, working some.

Overall I had a wonderful time with my family.  I just plain enjoyed being with my kids and being together as a family.  With everybody growing up it is too real that all of us lounging around like this will soon be a thing of the past. 

I woke up our last morning, Saturday morning, with the all-too-familiar big ball of stress planted back firmly in my stomach as I thought about our last day of vacation and everything that lay waiting for me back at home, and suddenly realized that my every-present stress ball of overwhelm that I carry around with me all the time had been gone the entire week.  How wonderful that was!  And how sad that it was back.

And today is Monday, and school has started, and work has started, and all of the activities have started….and here we go again.

But I do have a plan to get myself back together.   We have slowly been letting go of some of our activities in order to have less “hurry up and do” things.  And getting back to blogging is a step for me.  The writing is very cathartic for me.   I also know I need to make time for daily cycling.  It makes me feel good and I can feel the strength building up in my legs.  

And finally, while on vacation, in a used bookstore I found an old copy of the The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I had wanted that book for a while but even used on Amazon it was a little more than I wanted to pay and honestly I hadn’t even thought about it for a while.  But I think it was time….I had been browsing with my daughter all over the store, me mostly at the romance novels, she at the young adult fiction….but there really was nothing there so we turned to leave.  And as we started to walk out of the store, the book caught my eye, right there waiting for me on top of a shelf.  At a lovely low price too…so I snatched it up, it definitely was meant for me. 

I devoured the introduction and first chapter….and I started the Morning Pages this morning.   Like everything else in my hectic life, I hope I can keep it up.  If I do I think it will be very good for me, and everybody else around me.

And so here we go……..

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