Some Victories Along The Way

Some Positives

Just so it doesn’t seem like my life is all doom and gloom I want to post a few accomplishments over the last few years.  They are not end-alls but merely pit stops (some in which I have lingered way to long) along my journey.

The first is the loss of 40 lbs and regaining some of my health and energy back.  While a great accomplishment this is one of the areas where I have been resting bit too long.  I have 40 more pounds to lose and it is time to get  moving.

Biking.  Yes, over the past year I have released the car, some…okay not enough, but I am back in my saddle for the first time in (big gulp) 30 years.  Yes, since I got my driver’s license.  And I am loving it.  My legs and arms have both gained some strength.  I don’t fall nearly as much as I used to and that is a great feeling.  As a matter of fact, I can’t even remember if I have fallen in the last six months (since the hard tumble down the stairs sometime last year).  A huge victory.  I want to take a bike trip (with M) and I want to lose my fear of biking through the city without the security blanket of M by my side to help me with anything that might go wrong.

Huge donation piles out the door.  Yes I can see the floor in the family room.  One thing I have done is to take pictures of all of the outgoing piles and the room at some points along the way.  I will post these.

Eating healthy.  Becoming Vegan, unprocessed, and organic.  I feel great.  No more naps in the afternoon.  Unless I want to.

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