How Did I Get Into This Mess!

Clutter.  Chaos.  That sums it all up for me for the moment.  I have reached my lowest point (I hope), the bottom of the heap so to speak.  Everywhere I turn it is messy, broken, dirty, in in disarray….once I could hold it all together in spite of my surroundings.  But the pile, both a physical and mental pile of stuff to manage, has grown beyond my limits of containment and the fallout of chaos, lost objects, and missed deadlines has started to spill over into our lives.  My life.  More importantly the lives of my children…who I have spent a lifetime shaping, molding, and protecting.  I didn’t protect them from this.

The past few months I have been sucked into blogs of people who clean, declutter, and make things happen in their homes.  What an educational and enlightening experience!!!

I am a master of making things happen, of keeping more balls in the air than most people can, but it has always been at the expense of my  house.

No more.  I am learning and liberating myself.  And make no mistake, it is a learning process.  I am seeing things about running a household that most people take for granted, but I just never knew.  Seriously!  At 46 years old I am amazed at what never occurred to me about keeping a beautiful home (Some people wash their windows, inside and out, on a regular basis!  And mop their floors more than once every other month….WHO KNEW!!!)

I hope to chronicle my journey from where I am now, at times hopeful and excited, at times in total despair and overwhelm.

I hope to go from the clutter and chaos to a life of calm.

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