Day One…Motivation is High!

Yesterday I sat far too long at the computer and my behind was sore! Today I was determined to cut loose the computer…my best friend and best time sucker…and actually work in the house.

Truly I was dreading the decluttering. In the past, going through boxes is a walk down memory lane and at times is staggeringly painful.

All my failures seem to show up in these boxes…failed marriage…failed projects started but not finished…failed things I bought for the kids they didn’t get to really enjoy enough.

In the past decluttering has literally brought me to my knees, down in the pit of despair…which is probably a strong reason why it is not on the top of my To-Do list and easily gets pushed it aside.

Today I bit the bullet and went to work. Thanks to our failed roofing catastrophe the other day, the living room is filled with boxes I need to go through…boxes which formerly took up a good third of the family room and one of the many reasons we don’t have people over.

In a big rush, while dodging water pouring through the light fixture during a major downpour on Friday, we managed to grab all of the boxes and move them out of the corner of the family room and into the living room.

We were amazed at how great the family room looked in comparison to the before…but oh boy…the living room, the best kept room in the house and the only one presentable, was turned into a major eyesore. And since it is the first thing people see when they walk into the house…and I have people coming over weekly to pick up produce, this just was not acceptable.

So somehow today I managed to get myself motivated to start going through the boxes..and it wasn’t as difficult as it had been in the past.

I don’t know why. Was it because so much time has passed that I don’t feel any pain about the past anymore? I don’t…and I am glad about that…but I think a big reason was that for the first time I wasn’t doing it alone. The kids are older now, (13 and 18) and they were helping me. I think having them to enjoy the memories with and to help release the old stuff they had outgrown…and help decide what should stay…made a big difference.

We weighed everything we got rid of, put it right on the front porch, and I immediately went online and scheduled a donation pickup for tomorrow.

Overall we donated 89 pounds of stuff to the Vietnam Vets. Art supplies, clothes, small appliances, and toys.

We also have some stuff to hold for the Girl Scouts, to be donated during the summer (books and games) and some stuff to give to Ms. Granddaughter on her birthday later this month.

I was so motivated that I even managed an 11 pound bag of clothing from my room..included in the count.

Not included in the count is all of the garbage that went out…I would like to include it but all of the weighing eats away at some of the time we spend toward the decluttering mission.

The house is showing a promised of a neat and organized future…and I am trying to focus on how wonderful that feeling is when I am indecisive about putting something in the giveaway.

So many things could be going to Ebay…and it is so tempting. But I have taken that off the table for now as it is too time consuming and I want to focus on the task of decluttering rather than fooling around with just one more thing online. Besides, I know the act of releasing all this clutter to someone who will be able to use it, will bring a circulation of energy in my life and the Universe will provide what I need.

Staying for now are the boxes of old kid homework, art projects, and journals, saved as they grew up. I can’t bring myself to part with those yet and am putting them aside to go through once the major declutter is done.

Also done today was a sweep of the kitchen and eating area, and I mopped the kitchen. What an improvement!

So an exciting Day One is done!! Lots was given away and I am so excited!

Now I am off to find a countdown widget to track my 1,000 pounds of declutter!

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