Mired in Chaos

I live in total chaos.  From my house to my day to day life, I am constantly running around putting out fires and trying  to stay afloat.

I spend  so much time doing other “things” that the house always seems to end up at the bottom of the list…that as well as the fact that it is physically challenging for to to  lift and carry and bend and perform  many of the activities it takes to upkeep a home.

I want to change all this. I want my days to flow through encased in an aura of tranquility.   I want my home to radiate a calm, peaceful, tranquil energy…one that people, including myself, thrive in and love to be in.

This is my journey  as I begin the arduous task of release….releasing all the extra clutter that forms the foundation of this chaos, to its utmost good, for both me, my family, and whomever receives it.

I  am excited about the process and nervous too. I am worried I don’t have what it takes to rein in my tendency to master my time and my house.

So off we go……..

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